Early Public Health Wikithon

Wednesday, 29 January 2020, 15:30 CET
Bushuis room F2.08B (Kloveniersburgwal 48 Amsterdam)

Facilitated by Guy Geltner (UvA) and Alice White (Wellcome Trust)

We invite you all to join the Premodern Healthscaping team to make a focused intervention on Public Health History and a handful of related entries on Wikipedia in languages other than English, Dutch, Italian, French and Farsi (as these are already being covered by the team members).

Anyone  interested in participating or just following the event on social media, please look at the brief instructions below.

If you want further information, please email us via premodern.healthscaping@gmail.com


  1. Open a (free) Wikipedia account;
  2. Confirm your participation and Wikipedia handle with Peyman Amiri at p.amiri@uva.nl; Peyman will also help sign you up to the event’s outreach portal;
  3. Familiarize yourself with the Wiki editing guide.


  1. Identify the language and entry in which you’d like to intervene, and look through the editorial forum and “talk” section to see what relevant people think about the status quo in general;
  2. In the “talk” section of the Wikipedia entry, raise the need or state your intention to overhaul/improve/create an entry for “early public health”; please do so asap and do not wait until the Wikithon day!

On the Wikithon day:

  1. Make sure you will be connected through a network that can easily support Wiki editing, e.g. university or home-private. A public (but not university!) library is less recommended;
  2. Have your text and references at hand; and
  3. Join us physically or virtually via skype (Premodern Healthscaping).

For all technical/strategic queries to do with Wikipedia editing, please contact Alice White (A.White@wellcome.ac.uk) at the Wellcome Trust.

We view this above all as a preliminary exercise to identify the inevitably numerous lacunae that still exist on Wikipedia from your perspective. Feel free to create (and share!) your own “to do” list, and organize follow-up events.

Live tweeting via @ProSanitate #EarlyPubHealth and #Wikithon

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