New Publication: Osteoarchaeology in Historical Context

Osteoarchaeology in Historical Context: Cemetery Research from the Low Countries

Edited by Roos van Oosten, Rachel Schats & Kerry Fast

Osteoarchaeology is a rich field for reconstructing past lives in that it can provide details on sex, age-at-death, stature, and pathology in conjunction with the cultural, social, and economic aspects of the person’s environment and burial conditions. While osteoarchaeological research is common in the Low Countries, many of the studies done on the excellent skeletal collections remain unpublished and therefore unavailable to a larger audience.

Following on the Urban Graveyards volumes, Osteoarchaeology in historical context contributes to the dissemination of cemetery research in the Low Countries. Several important skeletal collections are examined in their historical contexts to better understand past living and dying. Osteoarchaeological data are combined with information on burial location, orientation, and grave goods. In doing so, this volume expands our knowledge of contextual cemetery research in the Low Countries and serves as a starting point for comparative research.

You can read more about this forthcoming volume here.

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