The MedHeal Seminar 2019: Public Health Development and Social Practice Patterns

Friday, September 20,  09:00–16:00.
Trondheim, University Museum (Vitenskapsmuseet), Schøning House, 2nd floor, meeting room Hugin.


9.00-915: Axel Christophersen: Welcome, introduction to the MH seminar 2019: Task and expectations.

A. Short reports from WP 1: Nutrition and environment
9.15 – 9.45: Paula Utigard Sandvik: Plant remains and nutrition
9.45 -10.15 Terje Thun: Climate conditions: Stability and change
10.15-10.30: Coffee break
10.30-11.00: Marie Joseé Nadeau: the isotope analysis: Results and challenges (if any!)
11.00 -11.30: Summing up WP1: How to proceed?
11.30-12.15: Lunch at the SIT cafeteria (next to the venue place)

B. Short reports from WP2: Water, waste and infectious diseases
12.30 -13.00: Elisabeth: PdD-Status and plans
13.00 -13.30: Åshild Vågene: Report from the DNA-analysis: Status and potentials
13.30 -14.00: Sean Denham//Hege Hollund: Report from the osteo- and histo archaeological analysis: Status and potential
14.00-14.15: Coffee-break
14.15 -14.45: Plenum, summary WP 2: How to proceed?

C. Report from WP 3: Public health development and social practice patterns
14.45-15.15: Erik/Ole Georg: Summing up yesterday’s workshop: ideas and potential for future research.
15.15-15.30: Plenum, summary WP 3: How to proceed?
15.30-16.00: Summing up, the way forward

There will be a seminar dinner on Thursday, September 19, at restaurant Troll at 19:00.

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